Winner of the RTE/RAAP Breakthrough Bursary, Carmen Browne’s music is a modern sound of timeless beauty, elegance and luxury. As a singer-songwriter, her music is firmly set in her Louisiana jazz/soul roots , but the branches of Carmen’s sound reach out into other contemporary genres. An assured vocalist and songwriter with a reassuring tone, she combines relaxation, comfort and a hint of mischief.

“Cloud Ballet”  was produced by Everett Bradley,  musician with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band  and Bon Jovi, in collaboration with Alex Navarro (Queen Latifah, Rod Stewart, Engelbert Humperdink), Mark Plati (David Bowie), Hendrick Helmer, co-lyricist Denis Goodbody and Adrian Fitz-Simon who wrote “Insomnia”.

Carmen’s relaxed image and luxurious, dreamy soundscapes belie the formality of her training, allowing anyone who listens to bask in their own hopes and dreams.